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We work with our partners to deliver great projects that drive better patient outcomes


The Med Collective is built upon a collective approach to deliver innovative medical education projects that drive better patient outcomes. We are proud to profile some of the fantastic medical education specialists we work with.

Project director: I am passionate about people and pharmaceutical sciences. I believe medical education is the conduit that brings these elements together. I continually seek to further my goals of optimising healthcare delivery, treatment outcomes and the patient journey through quality education. Over the past 10 years, I have worked nationally and internationally in collaboration with pharmaceutical clients, healthcare professionals and patients. I am proud of the plethora of projects we have delivered across a wide range of therapy areas. Looking to the future, I am excited about the medical and pharmaceutical advances to come and how these can be shared in innovative ways.

Project director: I believe it is only through a detailed understanding of treatment options that the best decisions can be made for patient care – medical education delivers this. Over the past 10 years I have led collaborative partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry both locally and internationally to deliver high quality outcomes in medical information, customer experience, medical education and medical writing. I enjoy working at both strategic and tactical levels in fast-paced and high-pressure situations to deliver impactful solutions. I am committed to achieving results through collaboration, flexibility and continuous improvement and I will seek innovative solutions that draw on my experience across a range of therapeutic areas, healthcare and other industry settings.

Project director: My passion is in bridging the gap between medical education and the healthcare industry with innovative, creative and results-driven strategic consultation, planning and project implementation. I love being involved in a project that has the potential to achieve positive outcomes for public health and wellbeing. Professionally, my strengths and expertise are in delivering audience-tailored, scientific and medical education for diverse target audiences. I have 5+ years’ of commercial experience across medical education, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Academically, I have 10 years of scientific research experience (in neuroscience), during which I presented at national and international conferences, and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals during my PhD and Postdoctoral appointments.

Experienced copy and medical writer: I am PhD trained and bring many years of experience in health communications to The Med Collective. I am a strategically-minded, medical writing creative with a passion for changing the way people understand health. I previously headed up the writing department of one of Sydney’s most creatively-awarded healthcare agencies, and have represented other strategically and scientifically-renowned healthcare agencies. I consider myself an integrated medical copywriter, capable of helping to create multi-channel communications, including impactful marketing and medical education solutions.

Medical writer with experience in publishing: A pharmacist by profession, I switched to medical journalism and wrote and edited for GP-targeted publications, before furthering my studies in science communication while working as a medical writer and project manager. I’ve worked as a journalist, medical writer and editor for 12+ years. My passion is in education and public health, and being able to engage/influence the audience (whether medical professionals or consumers) with the written word. My ultimate goals are to improve health literacy and disseminate medical information that may have the potential to positively impact public health outcomes.

Seasoned medical writer: I have almost two decades of medical writing experience with local and overseas health communications agencies. I’ve worked in medical education, creative copywriting, congress reporting and PR. I’m now a seasoned freelancer with high standards, since every project is my reputation on the line. I’m comfortable writing for both HCP and patient audiences, and conveying complex messages succinctly. I also admit to having a copy-editing fetish – I love hunting down typos and inconsistencies! A recent project I’m proud of involved working directly with HCPs to create independent educational material. However, my favourite audience is patients – they are the reason why I am a writer.

Senior Medical writer: I am a PhD-qualified, achievement-driven medical communications professional. I have 10 years’ experience as a medical writer, with expertise in all communication channels. I have broad therapeutic area knowledge, and have worked with major pharmaceutical clients at global, regional and affiliate levels. I am passionate about creating engaging and insightful medical education materials for all audiences, with the unifying goal of improving patient outcomes.

Other trusted service partners include:

  • Creative directors and graphic designers
  • Events managers
  • Videographers
  • Digital specialists
  • and more.

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