What is The Med Collective?

We work together to provide a full-service medical education offering, underpinned by a desire to work in a socially responsible manner

The Med Collective was first established by Director and Founder Paula Woodward in 2013.

After many years working for internationally renowned medical education and communications agencies, as well as in the NFP sector, Paula recognised the growing need for a lower cost yet broad medical education service option.

Drawing on her network of other freelance medical education specialists and trusted service partners, she set about filling the gap in the market for an business model that aligned project teams with the needs of the client and project, rather than fitting a project to an existing team.

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Paula also wanted to deliver this service in a manner that placed patients at the centre of medical education every time.

In light of increasing interest in corporate and individual social responsibility, she saw the opportunity for a business model that also allowed her to work directly with NFP partners and healthcare professionals to support independent medical education projects.

Today, we function as a collective agency, bringing together the right mix of freelance medical education specialists and trusted service partners to meet the needs of our clients – without marking up the costs to large agency prices – and to deliver innovative medical education projects that put patients at the centre.

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