Our NFP partners and independent projects

Work with The Med Collective to address unmet medical education needs



Through research, education and advocacy, The HOME Network (www.homenetwork.net.au) aims to enable healthcare professionals with knowledge and resources to empower more people with chronic kidney disease to embrace the freedom of home dialysis. Established in 2009, this dedicated group of experienced home dialysis healthcare professionals from around Australia continue to work actively across three focus areas: Healthcare professional education, Patient factors and Technology and new initiatives.

This year, The Med Collective is proud to be supporting some of the HOME Network’s key medical education projects, including:

  • A training programme designed to help prepare nurses to become better home dialysis trainers, able to develop and deliver personalised training approaches in line with the unique learning needs of their patients.
  • Healthcare professional education to increase awareness and understanding about home dialysis options and support for Australians with chronic kidney disease
  • Patient education to highlight financial support available for home dialysis patients who face significantly increased costs when they choose the home dialysis option, and advocacy activities to address the financial inequities that exist across Australia.

Are you a health-related NFP or a healthcare professional interested in independent medical education? The Med Collective is expanding our collective network and relationships to deliver more projects that meet unmet medical education needs. Complete our NFP partner enquiry form so that we can learn more about how we might be able to support your medical education goals.

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